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Commercial Pressure
Cleaning Services

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

Are you looking for Commercial Pressure Cleaning services? Look no further than Jet Blast Concrete Cleaning!

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Call the Jet Blast Concrete Cleaning pressure cleaning services for your exterior cleaning needs. Our team is trained in cleaning an array of different surfaces top-of-the-range equipment. Professional Jet Blast Concrete Cleaning commercial cleaners services include removing, mould, and dirt; pressure cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning solutions for tough grime and grease on any surface.

You may want to call in a professional pressure washing service when the exterior surface of your house begins to look a little drab. Pressure washing is also called power washing and involves cleaning surface areas that have stains, debris, dirt, and other elements with a pressure washer.

We combine expertise with industry-leading pressure washing equipment cleaning products to carefully pressure clean your most valuable assets.


Commercial Pressure Cleaning

There is no job too big or small that pressure washing cannot remove. Below we list some of the most common areas and items you can clean with a pressure cleaner:

  • Driveway

  • Walkways

  • Grills

  • Playsets

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Vehicles

  • Boats

  • Decks

  • Patios

  • Sliding

  • Fencing

Many homeowners are more familiar with a lawnmower and tend to be a bit more uneasy when using a commercial pressure washer. Damage to surfaces and materials may occur if the pressure washer is misused.

Another great reason to use pressure washing services is that you won't need to buy chemicals and cleaners. Jet Blast's washing crew will perform your power cleaning task using disinfectants, chemicals, and special cleaners where necessary.

Ensuring safety while the washer is being used is another notable reason you want to get professionals to do the job. A pressure washer can do extensive damage to delicate surfaces, like glass window panes and exterior sconces.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Hard stains might be a constant problem when it comes to industrial premises, warehouses, factories, and other intense working environments. Commercial pressure cleaning might be the best solution for situations like this since it involves intense deep cleaning with technically sound equipment with tough hardware configurations. Welcome│Team Body Corporate (

If you are looking for Commercial Pressure Cleaning in Sunshine Coast, look no further than Jet Blast Concrete Cleaning!

Here a mixture of water and detergent is carefully expelled at high pressures using specialised equipment on top of the stained surfaces. This can be anything from carpets, floors, footpaths, or concrete walls. The detergents used here should be carefully chosen to avoid long-term complications like the accumulation of detergents on top of the surfaces. There are specialised chemical compositions that are available in the market to let go of this complication which are extremely volatile and can simply break down with mere exposure to the surrounding environment.

We are a local family business offering pressure cleaning services on the Sunshine Coast using top-of-the-range eco-friendly equipment that guarantees the best result from domestic right through to your commercial needs.

With our attention to detail and our state of the art equipment, your pressure cleaning or house washing requirements are in safe hands. 

Jet Blast Pressure Cleaning is committed to providing a quality, reliable, exterior pressure cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast that will exceed your expectations.

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